AutoCAD Bundled With Civil Site Design Delivers Exceptional Value And Design Power

Civil Site Design for CAD

Three minutes that will change your view of civil design forever.

Civil Site Design Plus Adds The Features & Tools Missing From AutoCAD For Uncompromising End-to-End Civil Design Projects

Civil Site Design Plus

Civil Site Design Plus is for those organizations that need:

  • To maintain fidelity with Autodesk standards.
  • A built-in version of the latest AutoCAD®
  • Support of existing AutoCAD CUI and short cuts
  • Highly automated civil design tools
  • A complete survey package
  • Can be learned quickly by junior designers and EIT’s
  • Subscription or perpetual licensing – single user or network

Subdivision Design · Road Reconstruction · Commercial Site Design · County & Rural Road Design · Land Development · Drainage & Sewer Systems

Powerful Tools & Features

  • AI for Subdivision Design
  • Real Time Interactive Visualization
  • Surfaces From Satellite Data, Point Files And Civil 3D
  • Create Alignments from Polylines
  • Templates Eliminate Assemblies
  • Automated Road Network Design
  • Interactive, Intuitive Design Tools
  • Grading Tools
  • Pipe Design
  • Surface Pasting & Exchange
  • Plan/Profile and Cross Section Generation

Includes a Full Feature Survey Package

Many civil engineering firms also have a survey department.

Stringer Topo is incorporated into Civil Site Design Plus providing users with both survey and design capability.

Stringer Topo is Part of Civil Site Design Plus

See the new features in Stringer Topo V24

Learn & Support

Whether you need expert technical support, custom training for your team or prefer self-directed eLearning – we’ve got it all.

Why Your Business MUST Consider Civil Site Design Plus


  • In today’s competitive environment, performance is everything!

  • Civil Site Design Plus adds incredible automation with its AI Engine, automated road and curb return design, and intuitive user interface for vertical design.

  • Experienced civil designers become more productive immediately. Interns are fully productive in days.


  • Civil Site Design Plus is a complete civil/survey application which includes an AutoCAD OEM

  • It is 100% AutoCAD compatible.

  • Supports Autodesk Object Enablers

  • Supports Dynamic Blocks


  • We offer choice in licensing. Civil Site Design Plus is available with subscription, perpetual and network licenses

  • Civil Site Design Plus can be configured to integrate with Civil 3D with Civil Site Design. This gives you a choice in licensing and compatibility with your existing styles and workflows

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