Civil Site Design

Civil Site Design Transforms BricsCAD Into A Complete Civil Design Solution

Civil Site Design seamlessly integrates with BricsCAD

Civil Site Design for BricsCAD

Watch three minutes that will change your view of civil design forever.

Civil Site Design Adds The Features & Tools Missing From BricsCAD For Uncompromising End-to-End Civil Design Projects

Civil Site Design for BricsCAD

Adding Civil Site Design to BricsCAD will:

  • Maximize the productivity of senior designers
  • Make junior designers productive in days, not weeks or months
  • Enable sole proprietors to compete with bigger firms
  • Let smaller engineering firms manage costs with the security of perpetual licenses
  • Allow larger engineering firms to maintain their investment in Civil 3D

Subdivision Design · Road Reconstruction · Commercial Site Design · County & Rural Road Design · Land Development · Drainage & Sewer Systems

I highly recommend Civil Site Design running on BricsCAD to anyone wanting a high quality, cost-effective, and intuitive civil design package.

s-cassidySimon Cassidy, Director Civil Engineer

Seriously consider Civil Site Design if you are searching for a simpler, more cost-effective alternative to Civil 3D.

Rocco Parisi, Owner, ZenTek

Powerful Features & Tools

  • AI for Subdivision Design
  • Real Time Interactive Visualization
  • Surfaces From Satellite Data, Point Files And Civil 3D
  • Create Alignments from Polylines
  • Templates Eliminate Assemblies
  • Automated Road Network Design
  • Interactive, Intuitive Design Tools
  • Grading Tools
  • Pipe Design
  • Surface Pasting & Exchange
  • Plan/Profile and Cross Section Generation

Before and After the Integration of Civil Site Design with BricsCAD

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Our Support & Training Services

We keep users working faster and smarter with extensive support, training, and customization services – we’ve got it all.

Why Your Business MUST Consider Civil Site Design


  • In today’s competitive environment, performance is everything!

  • Civil Site Design for BricsCAD adds incredible automation with its AI Engine, automated road and curb return design, and intuitive user interface for vertical design.

  • Experienced users become more productive immediately. Interns are fully productive in days.


  • Civil Site Design is also fully integrated with Civil 3D. A design created with BricsCAD can be read by Civil 3D and will automatically generate Civil 3D profiles, surfaces, feature lines, pipe networks and corridors.

  • Your investment in Civil 3D styles is maintained as are all of your production standards.

  • A no risk way to increase your productivity.


  • We offer choice in licensing – annual subscription, perpetual; single user and multi user.

  • We also offer choice in CAD platforms: Civil 3D and/or BricsCAD.

  • Implement a hybrid environment allowing users to choose their preferred tools while you implement a long term transition strategy.

Discover the transformative potential of Civil Site Design for BricsCAD today!

Dive into its cutting-edge features and understand how it can revolutionize your organization’s workflow, driving efficiency and innovation to new heights.
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