Autodesk Civil 3D With and Without Corridor EZ for Civil 3D

Ryan Caudell from CAD Support Plus Takes the First Corridor EZ Challenge

CAD Support Plus has been a long term trainer for Civil 3D. He knows how difficult corridors are to create, manage and edit.

Ryan took on the challenge of creating a corridor model for a subdivision consisting of:

  • 7 Roads
  • 10 Intersections
  • 2 Cul de sacs
  • 3 Widenings
  • 1 Turning lane

What are his findings?

  • It took 3.8 hours to build the corridor with Civil 3D
  • Using the same alignments with Project Assist, the same corridor was generated in 10 minutes along with automatic Civil 3D profile generation.

What were his comments:

  • Adjusting the vertical design in Corridor EZ was easy. Press update and the new corridor was updated as were the Civil 3D profiles
  • Balancing cut and fill along a road in Civil 3D is time consuming. With Corridor EZ you can update a profile to reflect balanced cut and fill with a single command.
  • Junior designers, who often do not understand corridors will be productive with Corridor EZ in hours.

Corridor EZ Challenge Subdivision

Corridor EZ For Civil 3D Design Challenge

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