Built models form an integral part of operating Civil Site Design as they combine design elements within the project to create a single model & surface.

Cross section based design can limit designers who want to extend outside a single template and have complex geometry. Model Builder provides the solution.

In this webinar we demonstrate the best practice for using Model Builder and unpack all the functionality to operate it successfully, using a road and parking bay design.

Topics covered:

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 9:48 Interface discussion
  • 10:25 Review Profile String design for the Parking Bay
  • 13:58 Surface Extend
  • 18:08 Creating a Model (not linked to Totalmodel)
  • 22:57 Creating a Model (linked to Totalmodel)
  • 24:42 Edit / Trim by Group or Selection
  • 33:23 Overlapping strings or linework
  • 42:43 Linework layers
  • 45:45 Dynamic Updates or Manual rebuild
  • 46:30 Boundary Retraction & Model Editing
  • 49:48 Subgrade Model Manager
  • 53:45 Plotting cross sections and long sections

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