Civil Site Design is a powerful tool that offers a comprehensive approach to creating alignments.

One of the standout features of this software is its ability to generate alignments directly from polylines. This can be done in two distinct ways. Firstly, users can opt to create alignments from individual polylines, allowing for a more selective and targeted approach. This is particularly useful when working on intricate projects where only specific polylines need to be transformed into alignments.

On the other hand, for larger projects where multiple alignments need to be created simultaneously, Civil Site Design provides an automated feature. By simply specifying a layer, the software can automatically generate alignments from all the polylines present on that particular layer. This not only saves time but also ensures consistency across the project, as all alignments are created using the same parameters and settings.

Once these alignments are created, the user is not just limited to the initial output. Civil Site Design offers a robust set of tools that allow for complete customization and control over the alignment properties. Whether it’s adjusting the curvature, gradient, or any other specific property, the software provides an intuitive interface to make these changes.

Furthermore, the display characteristics of the alignments can also be modified to suit the project’s requirements. This includes changing the color, line type, and other visual elements to ensure that the alignments are clearly visible and distinguishable from other elements in the design.

Lastly, documentation is a crucial aspect of any civil engineering project. Recognizing this, Civil Site Design ensures that all alignments, once created, can be thoroughly documented. This includes generating detailed reports, charts, and diagrams that provide a comprehensive overview of the alignment’s properties and characteristics.

In conclusion, Civil Site Design’s approach to alignments is both versatile and user-friendly, ensuring that professionals can efficiently create, customize, and document their designs.

Create Alignments from Polylines

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